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IT Support Specialist

In search of a person whose focus is timely and effective management of our internal technology. We are in search of an analytic, fact-based problem solver who is capable of providing hands on support to our company.

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IT Support Specialist

Our team is in need of an experienced IT support specialist.You’ll play a critical role in our team by ensuring our technical operations run smoothly. Applicants should be able to maintain high level of productivity while never compromising on quality support. If you thrive in a fast-paced work environment and love helping people, this could be a great fit for you. Apply today!

Position Overview

We believe when you read this list of job characteristics, you will be excited about:

  • Our fast-paced environment with a focus on timely, correct results
  • Our intellectual focus
  • How we embrace your attention to getting results that are timely and accurate
  • Our love for how demanding and exacting you are, especially when it comes to details. We love that you love details.
  • Decisions are made based on careful understanding of all available information; detailed technical knowledge; expertise and serious considerations for all sides of the issue/problem
  • Your need to make the right decision and that you won’t be pressured to make quick decisions
  • Your direct and analytical communication style; ‘strictly business’ and accurate, you see all sides of the issue
  • We’ll provide you with opportunities to use/demonstrate your ‘know how’ and expertise in finding creative solutions to problems, with relative freedom from organizational involvement
  • Delegation is usually given to those who have proven to be highly dependable and precise
  • We love that your leadership style involves high expectations for subordinates and a high degree of review following each task


Here at Petrelli Previtera we know our people are our most valuable asset, and we are committed to providing a dynamic environment where everyone can be their best. And we believe in data and analytics. Please take 5-minutes to complete our survey. This is not a test, there are no right or wrong responses, we’re not looking for any specific answers. Just be easy about it, don’t over think, you’ll get your results instantly, and we’ll be in touch shortly. Simply click this link to take our survey.


  • Administer new user accounts, work email addresses, and access levels to new employees to ensure they have everything they need to work efficiently
  • Keep all technical hardware and systems up to date, including phone systems, printers, computers, operating systems, network systems, and any other technical equipment
  • Troubleshoot technological issues and solve problems quickly to ensure our business operations run smoothly
  • Secure all computer systems and run regular checks to protect our business from cyber security threats
  • Install all new technology for the company, including computer operating systems, software programs and applications, new desktops, and other computer hardware
  • Implement security software and data analytics across all local and remote offices.


  • Strong communication skills, organizational skills, and time management skills
  • Capable of creating technical databases utilizing spreadsheets in Excel
  • 2+ years experience in a professional IT setting
  • Technical proficiency of operating and handling Mac OS environment
  • Proficient in creating and deploying MDM environments of OS and mobile devices
  • Proficient in deploying and maintaining OKTA environment
  • Must have bachelor’s degree in a tech related field

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We believe our people are our most valuable asset, and we are committed to providing a dynamic environment where everyone can be their best. This Survey is not a test, there are no right or wrong responses, and we’re not looking for any specific answers.


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